You never know until you try.

Lets begin with a little story…

A married father of one, trained as a mechanical engineer feeling as though life is passing him by. Work clothes, bed clothes, work clothes, you can see where this is headed.

Apart from the occasional trip to the gym he didn’t have a past time, a hobby. He decided enough was enough, he needed an outlet.

Don’t get me wrong, the guy loved spending time with his family, day trips, meals, play etc.. He just felt he was lacking that bit of alone time to concentrate his efforts towards something he enjoyed.

What did he enjoy? I’m glad you asked, as a mechanical engineer he appreciated the intricacies of a machine at work, the way at which a machine could work mechanically without the need for electricity and complicated programming.

Is there any better machine in which to appreciate its intricacies and craftsmanship than a mechanical watch? I’l wait…

With quartz watches burning a hole in the case in which they were situated, he decided that a collection of mechanical/automatic watches would need to begin. Any one with a sizeable amount of money could buy a TAG or Breitling and be happy with them. He decided to make his collection worthwhile he would first begin purchasing watches from British designers, British companies, British micro brands. Only then would his collection mean something more to him.

Of course the guy in question is me.

Thank you for reading. Please follow this blog to continue with my story along with an average guy review of my first watch purchased.

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