The Marloe Coniston Vulcan

On deciding that I wanted to begin a modest watch collection that consisted of mechanical/automatic timepieces from British watch designers I decided to look around.

One company that kept springing up in my searches was Marloe Watch Company. I wont go into detail of the company but comprised of two gentlemen with the headquarters here in England it fit what I was looking for.

After doing a bit of research on the background of the company and what they had to offer I found I liked the company ethos and what it stood for. As well as that, they designed beautiful mechanical hand wound watches.

Purchase number 1
The Marloe Coniston Vulcan

Inspiration behind the name came from Coniston Waters in the Lake District, which is famed for the Campbell family’s water speed record attempts.¬† The name Vulcan along with its colour scheme was inspired by the Avro Vulcan Jet.

Again something special only found in mechanical/automatic timepieces.
“The beating heart”

There is something extraordinary about hand winding a watch at the beginning of the day, seeing the mechanical pieces come to life as the spring inside is wound tight. The Miyota 8N33 movement inside the Marloe Coniston Vulcan is something else. Its shown off with an exhibition back which is engraved with a sequential number which if available can be chosen by the you. I chose 87 as its my birth year.

The packaging although basic is quirky, different, unique. There are no bells and whistles with it yet I still felt time had been taken on the design of this. The packaging felt of substantial quality, almost hand cut, not mass produced.

All in all for my first Mechanical watch designed in Britain I was happy with my purchase. On the wrist it feels solid and all though with its reflection, high polished surfaces and shine, it feels like it could withstand a beating that a watch would be given worn day to day.

Will I be wearing it day to day? No chance, this is too beautiful a timepiece to destroy while putting my hands in all types of machinery and fluid on a daily basis.

Over the next few days/weeks I will be reviewing a few more of my time pieces and embarking on a journey to produce my own mechanical watch.

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