Bateren & Co, Pacemaker 1.

Bateren & Co, another British watch designer that on researching how the inception of the company came about was very relatable. Leave you to look into that yourselves should you want to? Astonishingly they only have one watch in their portfolio, The Pacemaker 1.

Stronger than your average

The first watch I purchased with an automatic movement inside.

It comes in one colour with the same black dial in a machined silver case but a selection of straps can help change up the look.

The watch doesn’t look elegant I’m not sure it wants to be, I have however seen this on a women’s wrist and with the right strap rightly so earns its place in the unisex category.

Everything about this watch shouts quality and strength. The hands look clean and chunky, they are luminous and to me you know its been engineered rather than handcrafted by angels. The sweep of the second hand is therefore surprising but on reflection I wouldn’t really expect anything less.

On the wrist with its 44mm diameter case it feels substantial. You know you have it on and as mentioned with its machined stainless steel case everyone else knows you have it on too.

Personally I’m drawn towards an exhibition back, I want to see what I’ve paid for, this doesn’t disappoint. The glass sapphire with the outer edge machine marked with the grade of steel and water resistance is a nice touch. It tells me its quality made but still rugged.

As mentioned before, the movement inside is an automatic NH35, other brands do use this type of movement or something similar.

Lastly the strap, silicone with a very sturdy buckle. There is no danger of this breaking on you.

Could you wear it day to day? Yes, would you wear it day to day? Yes, and I wouldn’t think twice about it. This can take the beating and take a bit more. To quote Marho Bateren, Quality – Value – Strength.

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