George Etherington, The Clerkenwell Automatic.

Before we go any further I would like to explain that George Etherington, the man himself was one of the greatest clock makers who ever lived, a pioneer in horology and master of the clockmakers company. George sadly passed away in the 1700’s, the company was formed after its owner saw some of Georges timepieces in the London Science Museum which then inspired the birth of George Etherington Watches.

The company, born in the heart of London fulfil the need for the watch to be of British design. The inspiration for the birth of the company along with its name is also a nice touch.

I saw these watches a while back but even though they looked good I didn’t research them, didn’t entertain them. However one day a colleague and friend of mine also showed interest in the brand. He particularly liked the Clerkenwell.

We sat down and discussed what we both liked about the Clerkenwell, the 43mm polished case along with the minimalist movement allowing you to see straight through the watch was an agreed attraction. rose gold and white was available but we were both drawn to the bold colours of the steel and blue pictured above.

I personally like the sub-dial at the top of the main watch dial that rotates to show night and day hours via the silver moon and sun against the blue sky.

The watch although large is quite light, this was expected given its minimalist movement. Due to its weight the watch for me is something I could wear at a wedding for the full day and forget I have it on. It wouldn’t weigh me down, it feels comfortable on the wrist.
The strap also a deep blue is genuine grade A leather. Its comfortable and at 22mm wide it is substantial.

Myself and my colleague purchased our watches together which gave us a discount on the cost. Both of us purchased the same colour, the steel and blue. He commented that he couldn’t stop watching the 20 jewel automatic movement rotate.

The watch came in the packaging shown above. I was really impressed with the quality of the inner and outer box. Certainly above and beyond what I expected considering what I paid. A little added bonus was the E book that came with the watch. This book comes with information about your watch and horology in general.

Its safe to say myself and my colleague both loved our purchases. Would I wear this watch day to day, oh no. Not in a million years, its not my first choice. As I’ve already mentioned the watch is a nice size but it looks and feels delicate due to its light weight. This is the reasoning for only wearing it for special occasions, maybe for a short duration, a meal perhaps. Certainly not for wearing while your going ten pints deep down your local while watching your team play.

We have both expressed our fondness of the George Etherington Farringdon, if its anything like the Clerkenwell its in with a shout. Maybe I’ll be reviewing that one in the future. Stay tuned guys.

I hope you liked this blog, please give me a like if this is the case and again tell your friends about it. I’ll be back with one more watch review before I embark on the journey of making my own watch.

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