Weird Ape, Kolt

Weird Ape, founded in Yorkshire after its founder became tired of looking for an exciting looking watch for a reasonable price. Most watches that caught the eye were out of his price range and the reasonable priced watches were boring and generic looking.

The Weird Ape, Kolt is anything but generic. With its automatic movement and skeleton dial it certainly is an head turner. I had the choice of many colours and watch straps but I opted for ‘all black.’

There are a few things that make this watch stand out from the crowd. The movement has 21 jewels, 4 more were added to the lever and escape wheel to maximise accuracy and performance over the traditional 17 jewel watches. The glass is sapphire crystal which is only second to diamond on the hardness scale making this watch glass very scratch resistant.

The case is made of 316L grade stainless steel, and painted using ion plating which makes it very hard wearing.

Lets get away from the facts though and let me explain why the average guy would like this and why I like it.

The visible rotor on show within the exhibition case back, the weight and thickness of the watch. Not to mention the pattern on the external diameter of the case. All plus points for me that make the watch more quirky.

The small ape engraved onto the end of the bezel, the quality of the leather strap with the words weird ape engraved onto the clasp, again nice touches. I need to talk about the strap in particular. All Weird Ape straps come with a quick release system. This allows you to change straps within seconds and without tools.

I cant praise this watch enough, possibly now the best automatic I have. Would I wear it daily? Yes. Could I? Most definitely. As explained above the watch is built to be strong, durable, hard wearing. Without sounding sexist its a mans watch, heavy and tough. There aren’t any delicate bits. I’m not worried about where I wear it and what tasks I carry out while wearing it. I could wear it in my work clothes, casually or formally and it wouldn’t look out of place.

I’ve purchased all of the parts for my own watch, I’ve started assembling and I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve had to buy spare parts as I’ve messed up the originals that I purchased. Its a real learning exercise but I’m enjoying it.

To read more about me destroying watch pieces but hopefully coming out with a beautiful watch at the end, keep reading. Give me a like and a follow and please, tell your friends about this.

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