The build begins, well almost.

On beginning to build a watch collection made up of automatic and mechanical watches I thought about the possibility of making my own. I researched to see if I could design the parts and get them put together by a company so that I had a pre-made bespoke piece. There are companies out there that offer this but most require you to buy in bulk. This is great for a start up company hoping to sell to the public, but not me.

I also looked into companies offering watch kits that allow you to make changes to a standard design. Your finalised design is then made and shipped for you to assemble. However I felt that for the price you were paying there wasn’t enough variability.

I decided that I wanted to buy all of the parts separately. This would give me greater options, flexibility on design, price and quality.

Its no good just buying parts and hoping for the best though. Even though I had the basic equipment for watch repair and an understanding of the function of an automatic watch I wouldn’t get far. I needed to do more research, learning and help from online sources.

First things first, find out what you actually want and what is achievable as a first project. Before I assembled anything I did some revision, after all this would be a practical test.

Stick with me guys, Ill be revealing all of the problems I encountered while beginning to put my parts together. Why I chose the parts I did and what parts I needed more than one of due to inexperience, fat fingers and bad eye sight.

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