DENT London, Ministry-Evolution

As a collector of timepieces from British designers/brands, DENT is certainly in that category, (just not my price range.)

I have however recently had the pleasure of being in the possession of a lovely timepiece from DENT London.

High grade stainless steel

The stainless steel Ministry-Evolution provides an experience from start to finish. For the price of it though, I feel it must.

The outer box

When you first see the packaging you are greeted with a large, off white box. All though plain, it feels quality made. On removing the lid, one of the walls fall to reveal the presentation box.

Presentation box

I think the photograph speaks for itself, it screams luxury. I’ve seen other expensive watches with similar standards of packaging, but never had one in front of me to explore.

Inside presentation box

On opening the box, the first thing I did was remove the watch and holder. I put them to one side as I wanted to see what other things this packaging had hidden. There must be something extra in there given the box size right?

Underneath where the watch was situated I found an extra strap, the certificate of authenticity and further documentation including operating instructions. The certificate and documentation were held within a small but thick document holder with the DENT logo on top. Again this felt quality made, I was impressed and hadn’t even reached the watch.


The large area covered in red velvet inside the box is actually made of wood. It was quite heavy considering it was hollow. I removed this to find another off white cardboard box. This box was again marked with the DENT logo. Inside this, presented nicely was a set of jewellery gloves, a cleaning brush and cleaning cloth, all with the DENT logo on. I did not expect to see this.

Gloves, cloth and brush

That concludes the exploration of the box. Now for the main attraction, the watch. On removing the watch from its velvet holder I couldn’t help but notice the weight. With the weight and 43 mm case it felt substantial. After looking at the packaging and added extras and then having the watch in my hand, I felt the need to protect the watch at all costs.

The watch looked and felt like it could take a beating but the way it was presented in a shiny case with velvet inlay, it felt precious to me.

Lets really get a good look.

The strap is held to the case with a pin entering from one side that goes through the lugs and strap. This has a machined groove in for a flat head screwdriver to be used. A flat head screw is used to hold the pin in position from the other side. It screws inside the pin therefore locking the two together. Clean, sturdy and easy to remove.

Speaking of lugs. Although quite large they seamlessly blend with the case, highly polished. The chronograph pushers and crown also highly polished. A very nice touch.

Stainless steel 43 mm Case
Case Reverse

The case back is held on by six small flat head screws. The back is stepped and pushed onto the case in a transition type of fit with an internal seal. Once closed, the back again seamlessly fits against the case. It almost looks like one machined piece. The case houses the Dent Calibre 301 / Automatic Chronograph movement. Let me tell you that this movement is a work of art. This movement has around 42 hours of power reserve once fully wound.

Silver Dial

If we skip round to the front, the silver dial is set with Roman Numerals. The sub dial at the 9 o’clock position is the seconds timer. Other functions include 30 minute and 12 hour recording along with the date.

The side of the case is polished but just like the back, the front isn’t. The front of the case is sharp (not cut your fingers sharp), no radius or visible chamfer. Just a slight break in the outer edge, very eye catching and clean looking.

There are lots of smart subtle machine finishes on this piece that help explain why DENT is so highly respected, not only today but in history.

If I ever purchased one of these I’m not sure I would ever wear it. It could just be due to the price tag, I’m not entirely certain. Its a piece made to the highest quality. I would love to have it in my collection, maybe one day.

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Thank you.

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