Michael Kors, Lexington Chronograph.

Here we have the Michael Kors, gold plated Lexington chronograph. The manufacturers code is MK8281, should anyone want to purchase one?

The reason for the review of this is that my friend asked me to remove a few links from his for him. I thought why not, have a good look and review something you wouldn’t usually? So here we are.

The Lexington chronograph has a case width of 44 mm. this case houses a Japanese quartz movement. On top of the movement sits a champagne dial with luminescent hands and markers. The chronograph does function and so does the date.

The watch itself is stainless steel but both the case and strap are PVD gold plated. The bezel is a fixed flute and again stainless steel PVD gold plated. The bezel face is marked with the MK logo.

The case back is a screw on, easy to remove should the battery need replacing. The strap is held together with split pins, again this makes removing links fairly easy, even without the correct tools. The clasp is a push clasp for easy opening and closing.

The watch is delivered to you in a small but well made box. Even empty there is a weight to it. All in all, presented well.

This isn’t my type of watch. I did however try it on and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it felt on the wrist. Take the tacky gold colour away and you have a very well made, very good looking watch. It comes with some weight too which adds to the feel of quality.

Would I buy one, no. If this watch was made by a watch company/designer rather than a company that I class as a fashion designer/manufacturer I’d think about it. Only in stainless though. The gold is too much for me. Your watch should catch the eye for its design, its edges, the reflection of its glass, the finish of the metal. This watch catches the eye purely because it is gold. Don’t get me wrong its a nice looking watch and a nice design but the colour removes some of that for me. Everyone’s a critic.

This review was short, I usually like to talk about the heart of the watch, but I feel that there is nothing to say about this quartz movement.

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I’ll be back soon with more watch reviews. Until then stay safe everyone.

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