My wish list: Fifth in my list of British designed watches.

I like to read and learn as much as I can about horology and the watch industry. Up and coming businesses, extraordinary design and manufacturing, and of course the history of the subject.

I’ve been looking into the most appealing British designed, British made watches. Here is number 5 on my wish list.

5. Marloe Lomond

The Marloe Lomond, from Marloe Watch Company was released through a Kick Starter campaign, named after the great Loch Lomond. The watch is unfortunately no longer manufactured. You can however find one every so often being sold on Ebay.

A hand wound chronoscope that comes in a few different colours. I’ve only seen the four variants. The one pictured, black with gold sub dials, black with white sub dials and white with black sub dials. I prefer the white on white pictured, with the tan strap. Other straps are however still available on the website for this piece.

The watch dial on the Lomond is layered giving a 3d effect, much like other pieces from Marloe. The sub dial at 3 o’clock is a 30 minute total with the sub dial at 9 o’clock being the active seconds hand. As for the seconds hand, it doesn’t jolt. It sweeps quite well. The lug width on the Lomond is 22 mm. They run seamlessly from the case.

The case is a 43 mm machined stainless steel two piece. The back includes a screw on exhibition glass. The outer perimeter of the case back around the glass is engraved with the words of Scottish poet Robert Burns, “nae man can tether time or tide”.

One of the appealing things for me with any watch is the movement. In this instance the exhibition back houses and presents the mechanical Seagull ST19 inside. This is the same movement that can be found in the Seagull Chronograph watch that dates back to the 1960’s. Once again with Marloe, a colourful movement with gold bridges and blue plate screws that helps add to the appeal.

Exhibition back.

If this had been available new and direct from Marloe Watch Company. I would have purchased this instead of the Coniston I currently have. Its very unusual to find such a well made watch, let alone a hand wound chronograph for the cost this was available on Kick Starter.

Look out in the next few days for number four on my list. If you have a question about this blog or need any help with watch repair or assembly, please email me on

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