My wish list: Fourth in my list of British designed watches.

So I’ve already expressed my love for the British micro brand. As you are aware I have a few British designed watches already. At the moment I couldn’t even entertain the thought of purchasing anything but British. Not that I don’t believe there are masterpieces out there from the Swiss, Japanese or Americans, that would be naive of me. I just need to finish the collection I’ve started before I venture along other avenues.

So here we have it, number four on my wish list from British designers/companies. The Alkin Model One, from Alkin watches.

Alkin Model 1.
My number four.

The Model one, born from a successful Kick Starter campaign.
For the time being, the only model released by Alkin watches. There are however four variations to this. Pictured is the black dial with stainless steel case. There is also a black dial with PVD case, white dial with PVD case and white dial with stainless steel case. In addition to this there are a choice of three straps, all of which are vegetable tanned leather. We have black, brown and cognac. Out of all of the variations my favourite is the stainless steel white dial with cognac strap.

There are a few things that make this appealing to me just at a glance. They are, the off centre crown sitting at the 4 o’clock position. The multi layering on the dial markers and numbers. The depth at which the dial sits in the case. All plus points.

The lugs are sharp as they extrude from this case. Clinical lines that remind you that this is a well machined piece. The case at 42 mm is large on the wrist. All though very visible it looks quite plain and simple. The lug width, like so many of the watches I like sit at 22 mm in width. The thickness of this case is just over 13 mm. It again helps make it visible on the wrist.

If you turn the watch over we again have something I very much like. A screw on exhibition case back that allows you to see the movement inside. The glass on this model is sapphire with AR coating.

The beating heart.

The movement within the case is an automatic. My second favourite after the hand wound. The movement is a Seiko NH35A. A Japanese/Malaysian movement that runs for around 41 hours once fully wound. This movement also runs at around 21,600 bph. The downside is its not as smooth on the tick as I would like. To be honest though the hack isn’t something that really bothers me and definitely doesn’t take anything away form this piece.

The outer edge of the case back is etched with British design, Alkin Model 1, WR 10ATM, Stainless steel, sapphire crystal. The rotor is marked with alkin, also a nice touch.

I will purchase one of these, a new micro brand with a quality timepiece on offer, at a good price. Why would I not want one.

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