My wish list: Third in my list of British designed watches.

Apologies for the delay on this blog, I’ve been a little unwell, I’ve also been away for rest and reflection at one of my favourite places in the UK.

I am however back and recharged with the third watch on my wish list of British designed watches.

I would like to present to you The Christopher Ward, C60 Trident Bronze Pro 600.

C60 Trident Bronze Pro 600.

This watch is part of a series of dive watches that Christopher Ward currently offers. With an Old Radium SuperLuminova lume and water resistance to a depth of 600 Metres (60 ATM.) This watch really is one for the diver. I’m not a diver but its the look of this that attracts me and the potential it has for change. I’ll explain more below, but first lets look at the options available.

This watch comes in a few varieties. To begin with there are a few choices of strap. These include brown leather, blue webbing and black rubber. My preference is the blue webbing. In addition to this there are two options of case diameter, 38 mm and 43 mm, my preference is the 43 mm. Last but no means least is the finish of the bronze case. There are two options to consider with this. The first is a raw machined finished, this is the finish pictured above. The second option is a patina finish.

Patina is the oxidisation of the surface on bronze and other similar metals, I like to call it weathering of the metal. The bronze will begin to darken, A shade of green could also be visible. The shade of patina will depend on the usage of the watch and the rate at which it has been exposed to the elements. Body sweat can also contribute to the shade of the patina.

Patina finish

Above, I mentioned the potential the watch has for change. I was again talking about the patina. What I like about this is that I could purchase a raw machined finished piece and depending on where I wear it and in what weather conditions, over time I could give the watch its own finish. This would allow the watch to be a one of a kind piece that I have produced, just by wearing it.

Of course another main attraction to this watch is that it has a 26 jewel self-winding mechanical movement. The movement within is the Sellita SW200-1. It comes complete with a 38 hour power reserve on a full wind.

The case as mentioned is bronze but the back is a stainless screw down which is something i’m not usually into. I prefer to see the movement inside with and exhibition back. However this case is deep stamped with both the trident logo and its own unique serial number which looks really nice.

Stainless screwed down back

Of course I know the watch is well made. Christopher Ward’s reputation guarantees that. However the 43 mm bronze case, 22 mm lug width, deep blue dial and marine blue strap really make this piece stand out from the rest. Its different enough to catch the eye, but its not in your face.

This is a watch I must own one day. Baby steps, but I’ll get there.

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Thanks everyone.

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